Job Description

Front End DveloperJob Requirements: 
*Hands on experience with HTML/CSS/JS
*Knowledge of browser compatibility issues
*Basic knowledge in Java
*Must have experience in Bootstrap and at least 1 framework (preferably React or Angular)
*Experience with REST-based APIs
*Experience in building single page apps and have a good understanding of best practices around building them
*Expected to work as a full stack developer with Salesforce apex as a backend

Chances of increasing your candidature being succesful are 
  • having done relevant certification
  • showing example of any pet project done with relevant skills asked for 
  • showing freelancer experience on relevant skills sought for
  • having done relevant academic project on skills sought for and explaining it properly on CV

Succesful applicants are expected to stay with the company for a min period of 2 years.  Applicant HAS to relocate to Chennai once it is safe, after lockdown. Freshers with right attitude and relavant training and the ones who have done some pet projects on their own or freelancing projects and the ones with passion to excel in front end technologies are a good fit. Write a good CV to showcause your skills . 

Key skill Required

  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs and microservices


  • Junior Software Engineer

5 - 7 yrs


92 Days ago

5 - 7 yrs


142 Days ago